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Anonymous and Secure 🔒

December 22, 2020

Quite often I get asked questions about how secure it is to use Webtor and how does using Webtor differ from using a regular BitTorrent.

It also turned out that in some countries the use of BitTorrent-networks for downloading this or that content can be potentially dangerous and lead to substantial fines (eg in Germany).

To understand this issue, let’s understand the principles of the webtor.io service.

  1. When visiting the webtor.io website, the user always opens a secure SSL-connection and all further requests between the client and the server are transmitted encrypted using the HTTPS-protocol.
  2. At the time of downloading content, only webtor servers connects to BitTorrent-peers. For the end-user, downloading a file from Webtor is no different than downloading from any other file hosting service, and watching a video is similar to watching a video from a Tube-site.
  3. Webtor servers work like regular BitTorrent-clients. Thus, through Webtor you can load any torrents that could be downloaded through a regular BitTorrent-client (including torrent files from private trackers), but without revealing the real IP-addresses for the rest of the BitTorrent-network users

Thus, it is not necessary to use VPN-services when visiting Webtor and downloading torrents via Webtor is anonymous and secure.

Thank you for using webtor.io and sponsor it if you wish!

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