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Webtor.io vs WebTorrent vs μTorrent Web

October 18, 2020

Hello! This time I decided to write some comparison of my service and other similar ones. Perhaps many moments will seem a little biased to you, but alas, I have been developing this service for a long time and I can be a little subject. I can also write a little bit more detailed about my service because I know it a little better.

The BitTorrent protocol has been around since 2001 and is used to transfer files, videos and music to this day, despite various restrictions in a number of countries. During this time, a large number of BitTorrent clients appeared, implementing this protocol, with the ability to download and streaming. If earlier the BitTorrent client was associated only with Desktop applications, now many of them stepped towards web applications and suddenly opened in a web browser. Let’s try to figure it out in this variety of Web-Torrent clients. For comparison were selected:

  1. μTorrent Web - the best torrent downloading app (as they say in the description)
  2. WebTorrent - streaming torrent client for the web browser and the desktop.
  3. Webtor.io - online torrent player

μTorrent Web

In fact, this is a standard μTorrent client that launches a web interface to control it. Perhaps many are already familiar with a similar solution based on Deluge or Transmission, when installed server software and additionally launches a web interface.


Works entirely in the user’s web browser and implements the BitTorrent protocol over WebRTC. Now we we do not consider the desktop version as it is very similar to μTorrent Web.


Online service for playing content from torrent files and magnet links. Unlike the previous two downloading from the BitTorrent network is carried out in the cloud, and ready-made files are delivered to the user, as if the download was carried out through a regular file sharing service.

Next, we will consider the aspects of the presented BitTorrent clients separately.

Ease of use

In order to start using μTorrent Web, you need to install the client on your computer, which may be a hindrance for some users. At the same time, WebTorrent and Webtor.io allow play content directly in the browser without any add-ons or extensions.

Content availability

WebTorrent can only download content from clients that also use WebRTC, standard the BitTorrent network is not available to it, i.e. there must be users who are already serving files using WebTorrent. At the moment there are several torrent clients that can work simultaneously both through standard BitTorrent networks and using WebRTC, these are WebTorrent Desktop and Vuze (via a plugin), but unfortunately they are not that widespread. It is also worth remembering that some providers may block BitTorrent networks for their users, in that case μTorrent Web will also fail. Since Webtor.io is a cloud service and download is done in the cloud, then such restrictions do not affect it.

Supported formats for streaming

Security and anonymity

When using μTorrent Web or WebTorrent, it is your computer that opens connections to other users of BitTorrent-network, i.e. other users can find out what content you are downloading and from which IP address. To maintain anonymity, in this case, only VPN will help, which requires additional payment. Webtor.io performs downloads through its own servers and all communication between Webtor.io and end users is carried out using SSL encryption, while the ip-addresses of users are not saved in the logs. It is worth remembering that in some countries there are fees for downloading and distributing content via BitTorrent networks (for example, in Germany).

Accessibility for developers

WebTorrent is a JS-library distributed under the MIT license, i.e. WebTorrent can be easily used in any other side-project. Webtor.io offers SDK to integrate Webtor.io player on any site that allows you to organize the playback of any torrent content in any project. The entire Webtor.io platform was transferred to open source, so anyone can deploy all the components of the system on their servers. μTorrent Web is a proprietary solution that does not allow third-party development


As we can see, all solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. If download speed is important to you, then you should choose μTorrent Web or any other desktop client. If you need maximum anonymity and security, then you should look towards Webtor.io.