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Introducing Webtor 1.0 🎉

July 24, 2019

There are a lot of improvements were done this year that make it possible to tag current version as 1.0. Hurrah! 🎉🎉🎉

So here is a list of most major changes:

  1. “Seeking” support for transcoded audio and video content - now you can play mkv-movies from the middle (not only from the beginning as it was before).
  2. Access to transcoding settings for video content - now it is possible to choose specific audiotrack and subtitles.
  3. “Continue watching from…" - player remembers last playback position and suggest to start from that position next time.
  4. Open recent torrent - you can just click small arrow near “Open torrent online” button and the list of recently watched torrents appears. It also remembers last accessed folder as well.
  5. Last watched content - all watched content is marked with ✔️ sign.
  6. Social sharing - now you can share content link as you used to on the other sites. Just click on icon of your preferred social network and share content you are watching right now.

And also I’ve started this blog! That’s why you know right now about all improvements!

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