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New features in Webtor 1.8.0 🎉

December 24, 2020

Latest release of this year!

Here’s a list of the key changes:

  1. The main page has been improved - now there is a field for entering a magnet-link (by the way, now you can use just infohash).
  2. Resuming the download of the ZIP-archive after break - now when downloading the ZIP-archive, the browser will display the full size of the downloaded archive, and you can also pause and resume downloading the archive from the same location.
  3. View video only via HLS - now mp4 format is also converted to HLS on-the-fly. Thanks to this, it was possible implement the ability to save bandwidth by sharing HLS-fragments via WebRTC using the p2p-media-loader library (WebTorrent had to be abandoned due to large delays at the beginning of playback).
  4. Added a lot of features to the player SDK - now in the SDK you can specify which elements of the player should be disabled. It became possible to stretch the player simultaneously in width and height by 100%.
  5. Switching between files in the player - now you can switch between files within folder without leaving the player

Thank you for using webtor.io and sponsor it if you wish!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎄🎄🎄

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