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New features in Webtor 1.13.0 🎉

December 11, 2021

Here’s a list of the key changes:

  1. ️Resume download bug fixed - now, in the case of a failure during downloading, resuming works correctly, this applies to downloads of both individual files and downloads in a ZIP archive.

  2. Fewer drops and crashes - earlier, during component releases, all downloads were interrupted, now they just pause at the time of the update.

  3. Torrent files live forever - previously torrent files were deleted after a certain time, now they are saved forever, this allows less frequent access to the BitTorrent network and improves response time. (this does not apply to downloadable content!)

  4. Displaying download priority - previously, when displaying download progress, only downloaded fragments were highlighted, fragments that are loaded with high priority are now also highlighted.

  5. Improved interface responsiveness - now the screen space on mobile devices is used more efficiently.

  6. Drag&drop works for subtitles - now you can simply drag subtitles into the player window.

In addition, now the project has its own Subreddit, where we can discuss improvements and directions of the project development.

And for WordPress there is a special plugin for embedding webtor player to any WordPress blog!

Thank you for using webtor.io and sponsor it if you wish!

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