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New features in Webtor 1.6.0 🎉

December 14, 2019

This release was mainly focused on stability and fixing performance issues of the service.

The most affected component was transcoding. Here is a short list of changes:

  1. Dropped HEVC-support - transcoding from HEVC(x265) to h264(x264) is a really heavy lifting that freezes work of whole service.
  2. Dropped “fast forward” functionality - now transcoding starts always from the beginning. It makes possible to just repack stream to HLS instead of “real transcoding”. This change also dramatically insreases quality of h264-based video. Also “fast forward” freezes sometimes and looks quite unreliable.

Here we see an example of reducing features in favor of image quality and service stability.

Here is a list of newly opensourced components:

Thank you for using webtor.io and sponsor it if you wish!

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